Born: 12 April 1992

ID: ZZZ145ACHR  Eye pigment: 100/100

Ace of Base
Grand Champion Steer
1995 Qld Junior Poll Hereford Show

Norolle Fuchsia 145 Patience P61
Senior and Grand Champion
1996 Brisbane Royal Show 
Calf at foot by Boomer 46B

Imported live from Canada in 1993 but used prior to this by A.I., ACE has a pedigree backed by some of the breeds most powerful females. He is an easy calver.

Daughters have beautiful udders and shorter gestation periods. ACE progeny have low birth weights and great eye appeal. Male progeny have thick tops with great muscle expression. The females display angularity and femininity.

Dispatch, Transport & Handling: Purchaser's cost.
UK & Europe - 197 straws available for sale from our storage at ALTA, Canada.

WSF PRL Justa Banner BT CL Domino 15G
Myrtlewood Titlest  BT Mohican Tradition 530
EDR Victoria J3 448 Sara 569R
Myrtlewood Slew 439 BT LW Juno 404W
TJ Phase 111  BT JR Quester 604M
MWF Miss Phase 092 BT Roundup Juno 536R
TJ Victoria 027 943 BT Roundup Juno 413K



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