Born:  4 October 1993

ID: NORN191  Eye Pigment: 100/100

Senior & Grand Champion Brisbane 1995. Excellent muscle pattern and weight for age. Well balanced, exceptionally long bull. Nick was heavily used in the 1996 mating at 'Norolle' Roma, with good results.

He has the ability to sire cattle of superior carcase qualities, yet his heifers still maintain the femininity desired in functional females. 3/4 share and possession sold to Dirk Brook PHS W.A. in 1998 for $10,000.

Dispatch, Transport & Handling: Purchaser's cost.

BT Butler 452M (imp USA)  Remitall Northlight 152N
JR Nick The Butler P183 Remitall Teamster 9T (imp Can)
PRL Bet Nicky 352J Remitall Pet 174P (imp Can)
Woolford P183 Nick 2U (imp Can) Norolle Maiden 82G
Woolford Chairman 15N BW 107 Chips 455M (imp USA)
Woolford Miss Stick 38R Norolle Maiden E18
Wild Cat Lady Sundance 46 Norolle Maiden B123



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