Born: 4 December 1996

Junior Champion Poll Hereford Bull 1998 Brisbane Royal Show

ID: NORR124   Wht: 1120kgs at 33 months
EMA: 120 sq cm   Fat: 15/9

Junior Champion Brisbane 1998. Highly consistent outcross genetics. A high growth, long bodied, thick, very clean sheathed sire. Full brother to Sydney Champions Antz Pantz and Power Nikki. Soft skin and slick hair type. Reactor bred a very even line of calves at 'Norolle'.

Dispatch, Transport & Handling: Purchaser's cost.


CLH High Class 263R Nick the Butler P183
Power House  Woolford P183 Nick 2U
D MS Dom 91L Woolford Miss Stick 38R
Power Up RHHR ET 22Z CHR (H)  Norolle Fuchsia 2U Nikki
Arrow C L 1 Dom    Remitall Teamster 9T
FA Britisher Lady 60R      Norolle Fuchsia 303G
FA Britisher Lady 108N    Norolle Fanny 80



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