26 April 1984
Imported live from Canada in 1986

ID: H0048169S   Frame: 7 Mature weight: 1250 kg

Norolle Cromwell H89 paraded by Greg Johnson
Reserve Junior Champion Bull 1990 Roma Show
Sold for $6,750 to Chippendale Pastoral Company Blackall  
at the 1990 Norolle On Property Sale at Roma

Remitall Stetson 169S was the top performance and top priced bull at the 1984 Remitall Sale. He was reared by his natural mother Remitall Hi-Marvel 117N. Her sire, Remitall Hi-Way 348H was rated a superior sire in Canada. He ranked 3rd for weaning weights for both horned and polled bulls in 1982 ( 687 bulls monitored), 1983 ( 917 ) and 1984 ( 832).

We imported Stetson live from Canada in 1985. He is a proven sire of thick meaty, sound, deep bodied bulls and beautifully uddered, hard working females. He sires cattle that are extremely long.

In excess of 600 Stetson calves were born under the Norolle Prefix. They were all polled with moderate birth weights and tremendous growth rates. Norolle and Stetson hold the Australian record for the most calves from one stud sire, naturally and A.I., in any one year with 265 calves born in that designated year out of the 700 females mated.

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Advancer 228D Beau Rollo 33 50
BT L1 Advancer 12H Remitall Hi-Way 348H
HL 1 MISS K Dom 71177 Remitall Brenda 39E
BT Meteor 412M Remitall Hi-Marvel 117N
Predominant 25U Craigview Mischief 26Y
BT Roundup Lady A77 Remitall Hedy 328H
HIL Park Spidel 55P Hinterland Frost Marvel 72Z



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