Victor 417L bull calf - born 01.01.04

Born: 23 March 2001   I.D.  KJN417LAPR

Birth Weight: 41 kgs

Sire: CF Victor 78Z 406F
Dam: SPH VCR Miss Vickie 520E

  • Moderately framed with extra muscle and eye appeal
  • Dark red, clean polled and fully pigmented
  • Excellent skin and hair type
  • Very good feet and legs
  • 417L can be freely used on heifers

A number of 417L outstanding full siblings are owned by leading studs in USA.

Dam: SPH VCR Miss Vickie 520E


VICKI, dam of 417L, has a perfect udder. She is a fantastic female who produces an excellent calf every year for the Jensen Family. She is pictured with 417L's full sister KJ Valentina 978H at foot.


Full Sister: KJ 520E VALENTINA 380L


VALENTINA 380L was 2001 Louisville Heifer Calf Champion, and 2002 Denver National Reserve Heifer Calf Champion. A full sister stood second to her at all major shows. Full sister KJ Valentina 978H was Reserve Heifer Calf Champion at Louisville in 1998 and Denver in 1999.


Victor daughter at 7 months, Norolle 417 Shamrock B75
paraded by Jake Iseppi at the 2007 Millmerran Show
with help from his dad, Gavin Iseppi.
Judge David Reid, Talbalba Herefords, Millmerran

Brady Jensen showed a Victor son - KJ BJ Bounty Hunter 741P - as Junior Bull Calf Champion at the 99th National Western Stock Show in Denver USA January 2005.

Norolle 30E Power Nikki W29, Senior and Grand Champion Female at the World Hereford Conference Showing, Sydney Royal 2004, has natural twin bull calves at foot by Victor. They were born on 29 December 2004 and we are very pleased with them.

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