Update:  May 2016
The Millmerran property where we spent 11 years
inspired by the glorious views was sold on 1 July 2013.

We now live, amid pleasant surrounds, in a house which we rent,
on the property which belonged to the present owners of ‘Norolle’.

During the years of living here in the Millmerran district, we have made
special friends, so we are very happy residing three kilometres from town.

We run a few breeders on ‘Glenvale’ Millmerran, owned by our
daughter and son in law, and on their adjacent lease property.
Clyde helps with their Red Angus and Red Simmentals.

We continue to progress with our Gelbvieh and Balancer stock
and we will keep in touch with valued clients and fellow breeders. 

"Moffatvale" early morning

"Moffatvale" Garden

Iceberg, Mr Lincoln, Angel Face,
Apricot Nectar

Bridal Pink, Bold Seduction



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